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AIDE is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada

Collection and donation policies

We're committed to developing collections that meet the diverse needs of our members. This page outlines the key criteria we use when deciding to add or remove an item from the library. These principles guide our decision-making and inform our use of human and fiscal resources. 



Our focus is on providing practical information for people with developmental disabilities and their families and caregivers. We also collect resources for educators, service providers and other professionals.

We collect resources in English and French.


Priorities for collection development

  • Practical information for people with developmental disabilities, families, caregivers, and professionals
  • Resources informed by empirical, expert, or experiential knowledge
  • Resources created by people with developmental disabilities
  • Resources that support self-advocacy and self-determination for people with developmental disabilities
  • Resources that promote understanding and acceptance of people with developmental disabilities
  • Resources that focus on parenting and family life, including home-based interventions
  • Resources that address systemic barriers to social inclusion, including stigma, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and underhousing
  • Resources that are relevant across the lifespan, from early childhood to old age
  • Resources that are relevant to people in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities.


We collect materials that represent a range of perspectives, including minority and controversial views. Having an item in our collection does not mean we endorse its content.


Suggestions, donations and gifts



We welcome suggestions for new additions to the library. If there's an item you'd like to see added to the collection, you can request it through the link on your "My account" page. Suggestions are considered according to the library's selection criteria and budget.

If we purchase a book you've requested, we'll notify you when we order it and when it arrives.



We appreciate offers to donate books to the library, but we are not able to accept all donations. We evaluate donations according to the same criteria as new purchases. We are only able to accept items that align with our collection development goals. Additionally, we can only accept items that are in good to like-new condition, with minimal signs of wear.

If you are interested in donating books to the library, please contact us.


Gift copies from authors

We accept gift copies of books from authors and publishers. Contact us if you would like to donate your work to the library.