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How to parent like an autistic
Autism and eating disorders in teens
Care work
The neurodiversity reader
The naked brain
Exiting nirvana
The therapeutic powers of play
Talking is not my thing
I have been buried under years of dust
Sincerely, your autistic child
Comprehensive literacy for all
Defining autism
The trampoline effect
Communication alternatives in autism
Group music activities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Quirky kids
Understanding and treating anxiety in autism
Naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions for autism spectrum disorder
Instructional strategies for students with mild, moderate, and severe intellectual disability
When young people with intellectual disabilities and autism hit puberty
Tranquility lost
Healing traditions
Indigenous cultures and mental health counselling ;
Ensouling our schools
Designing for autism spectrum disorders
Troubleshooting relationships on the autism spectrum
The ice-cream sundae guide to autism
Autism equality in the workplace
Autism spectrum disorders and visual impairment
What's not allowed?
Allies and obstacles
Belonging for people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities
The handbook of high-risk challenging behaviors in people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
The resistance, persistence, and resilience of Black families raising children with autism